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Content is not just about what you say, but how you say it. Whether you’re a lean start-up selling broth out of your kitchen or looking to expand your existing brand to reach a wider audience, I will guide you in creating a strategy that feels right for exactly where you are.

\ Write engaging copy for web/blog/social

\ Create and curate visual content

\ Hone your brand’s unique voice

\ Define a visual language

\ Web research

\ Coordinate marketing efforts across channels


Design is a part of every aspect of my work. When it comes to websites, yours should be unique and elegant, professional, user-friendly and a pleasure to engage with. If it's not, we should talk.

Whether you haven't gotten around to it or would simply rather do anything else rather than build a website, I hear ya. But the importance of a stylish, informative and user-friendly website cannot be overstated. Your website should reflect your personal or brand style and I will always start with YOU and the message you are trying to send. I also believe a website should be fun and make you want to play around, read more and press buttons.

Stop stalling. Let's talk about your website.



There's almost nothing better than writing words that drive people to action. It's even better when your words make people feel good and want to engage with you, again and again. I love writing in my own voice, but I specialize in creating or taking on the unique voice of your brand. No matter the medium, I will succinctly and effectively convey your message in the tone that matches your brand. 

\ Copywriting

\ Content marketing

\ Blog posts

\ Status updates

\ Web content

\ Product writing

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